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Hen Party Packages

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Hen Party Package 1:

Each guest paints the same pre-ordered item at the same price e.g. trinket/jewellery box, spoon rest, star jar lantern, vase (we have a variety of shapes & sizes).

Hen Party Package 2:

Each guest chooses their own special keepsake of this special occasion from our display on the day, prices will vary acccording to size & shape of the item chosen.

Hen Party Package 3:

All guests paint a bespoke, pre-arranged set of items, as a gift for the happy couple... ideas below...

The following packages can be adjusted to suit your group size. Prices on enquiry.

Breakfast in Bed

teapot, milk jug, sugar/jam pot, 2 egg cups, 2 mugs, 2 side plates, 2 cereal bowls.

Morning Coffee
2 espresso cups, 2 standard coffee cups, 2 coasters, sugar pot, cream jug, tea tray.

Afternoon Tea
cake stand, small teapot, sugar pot, cream jug, 2 mugs, 2 side plates.

Pudding Set
pint jug for custard, cream jug, 2 bowls, 2 side plates.

pint jug, cream jug, spoon rest, egg tray, mixing bowl, butter dish, ingredients caddy/cookie jar.


plant pots (small or large), bird feeder, gnome/gonk, star jar &/or mushroom house lantern, fairy door, vases (we have a variety of shapes & sizes).

Top Table
"MR & MRS" / "HIS & HERS" letter sets; vases; photoframes; clocks; serving platters; place settings; lucky horseshoes; favour boxes.

Each package is priced according to your choices
(some items sold in pairs)

Suggested Packages below
£ on enquiry from £12pp

or let the Bride-to-Be choose her own gift package

min group size 6

max group size 30

min spend £12 per Hen
party length up to 2 hours

please see Terms & Conditions at end of page

Wedding List now available...

Calling all Brides: You choose the gifts you would like your guests to paint for you, along with the colours you would like them to use.
Your guests can then come to the Studio at a time that suits them, choose from your Wedding List and paint your gift in your colours, adding a personal message on the base of the gift.
We will then fire, gift wrap and deliver your presents to you so you can both enjoy all the good wishes from family & friends on your special day...

Commission our artist to paint your gifts for you according to your design & colour preferences and your guests can choose to purchase from the selection.

We can also create a commemorative gift signed by all the Hens on the day, based on the wedding invitation - click here full details.  A larger version of this gift can be created to be signed on the big day itself by the wedding guests.

Party Policy


These Terms & Conditions are at the discretion of Hands-on Art Adventures and are subject to change at any point, without notice, to ensure the smooth planning, organisation and running of your booking.

  • Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of a £12pp deposit and a contact phone number.

  • The £12pp deposit reserves your table for your group number, at your preferred time, on your preferred date.

  • The deposit is non-refundable to cover cancellation and disbursement costs: Individual group member deposits cannot be transferred to, or shared with, attendant members of the group, in the case of "no-shows" or the group number decreasing between the time of booking and the event date - other bookings will have been made according to remaining space/tables available based on your group booking. Spaces on your table(s) cannot be allocated to other visitors to the Studio. Alterations to increase the group size require as much notice as possible and are subject to availability/ dependent on existing Studio bookings.

  • The deposit is deducted from the total cost of the item(s) painted by your group during your visit, as one payment. It is not deducted from individual bills within the group.

  • There is a minimum spend of £12 per person.

  • Deposit payments can be made 1) in person at the Studio during our opening hours Wed-Sat 10am-5pm; 2) by Bank Transfer (details on request); 3) by SumUp payment link sent by text or email.

  • Group bookings extending, or planned to take place, beyond our regular opening hours of 10am-5pm Wed-Sat are subject to a £30 per hour surcharge - payable on booking with the deposit.  In this case a minimum group size of 10 applies.  Groups falling below this number are required to pay the difference @£12 per place.

  • Balance payments for pre-ordered pottery items (Packages 1 & 2) are due no later than 14 days before the party, this is non-refundable. The balance payment for Package 3 is taken at the end of the party, as one payment by the party organiser.


  • Each booking includes use of the table, Studio equipment & facilities for up to 2hrs maximum. At this point the table must be vacated for the next booking. Groups that overrun will be charged £30 per half-hour period as this will impact on other bookings - it is only fair that we are allowed sufficient time to prepare the table for the next group, in the same way that we will be prepared for yours.

  • All pottery items are subject to availability at the time of your visit unless they are pre-ordered and paid for on booking.

  • Hands-on Art will only fire ceramic items purchased from the Hands-on Art Studio and painted with our glazes.

Terms & Conditions

  • All items referred to as sets eg. the cake stand which is in two pieces, are sold as individual items and therefore painted by one person.


  • Refreshments: please do not bring your own hot drinks from another establishment - hot chocolate, squash, a wide range of teas and coffees are available for purchase during your visit to the Hands-on Art Studio.  Food cannot be brought onto the premises as Hands-on Art is not a catering establishment and cannot dispose of food waste.

  • Food: cannot be brought onto the premises as Hands-on Art is not a catering establishment and cannot dispose of food waste.

  • Alcohol is permitted to be brought to the premises for adult consumption (adults deemed 21+). However, restrictions apply: eg. MAXIMUM per adult consumption: two glasses of wine/ one bottle between 2 or equivalent eg. two small bottles of beer per adult. This is a Health & Safety matter and also out of respect for other visitors and our residential neighbours. We can provide glasses if requested in advance, please note breakages will be added to the group bill at the end of the activity.

  • Decorations: Table covers, hanging and table decorations are provided by Hands-on Art. Please note, any damages to Studio property will be added to the group bill at the end of the activity. You are welcome to bring balloons along to your booking.

  • Collection: Your fired pottery will be ready for collection two weeks after your visit, as one package (you will be alerted before booking if collection will be affected by, for example, the annual Christmas holiday closure) - the exact collection date will be written on your payment receipt at the end of your visit.

  • Please present your receipt when collecting your fired pottery - this proves these items belong to you.

  • Fired pottery must be collected within three months of your visit, after which time we will assume you no longer want your items and will dispose of them for you.

  • We quality check every item when it comes out of the kiln, before we pack it ready for you to collect.  You are very welcome to unpack your pottery in the Studio before taking it home.  Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your pottery items once they have been taken from the Studio.


  • Health & Safety: We are relying on each visitor to take personal and collective social responsibility by absenting themselves from the Studio if: they have Covid-19 or flu symptoms, have tested positive for Covid, or have been in close contact with someone who has since tested positive for Covid-19.

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