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BABY Prints, Gifts & Keepsakes

Unique Personalised Gifts:

Your child's actual hand/footprint on painted pottery
with your own special handwritten message

to treasure & display, or use every day.

Casts & Sterling Silver gifts too!

Please Contact us directly to book your visit to ensure our baby print specialist is available to help you.  Please don't use the booking button at the top of the page at the moment.  See calendar for opening hours. 

Max 2 babies per 1 hour appointment to avoid delays, please get in touch re. larger groups/longer appointments.


GIFT VOUCHERS available.

Pottery Painting

scroll down for more ideas e.g.

Christmas Baubles

unique to your baby - priceless!

Outprint Casts

plain white, bronze or silver  
framed £73 or unframed £58

click on the photo for full details

Silver Keepsakes:

necklaces, charms, cufflinks...

click on the photo for full details

why wait for Christmas?

New Arrival, Christening, First Birthday plates
to be signed by all the guests with their best wishes for your baby's future.

plate size: 35cm across

from £60

also available for Weddings, Retirements...

Congratulations! Host a Baby Shower

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