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Booking is Essential for these treasures: 01753 206265

Appointments available, please check our Calendar for opening hours

These casts are plaster and made here at Hands-on Art. 

The cast measures approximately 11cm high, 16cm wide, 1.5cm thick with the hand or footprint impressions as a relief coming out from the surface. 

Babies up to one year old can fit one hand & one foot / two hands /or two feet on one cast; toddlers will be able to fit one hand or (possibly) one foot on one cast; older children and adults will be able to fit one hand on one cast. 

There is an example shown below of a siblings cast. 

The Outprint Casts itself costs only £58.


Our frames are square box frames in either white, black or wood-effect finish, measuring 25x25cm square, 4.5cm deep.

Mounting & Framing your cast costs only £15.

We can also offer an engraved plaque, placed below the cast inside the frame, in silver or bronze polish finish with your choice of "message" for only £7.


We use polish as this is the best way to show all the beautiful, unique lines and details on your child's hand or footprint. The photos below show the wide range of polish finishes you can choose for your keepsake cast:

  • white;

  • silver all over / silver on black / silver on white;

  • bronze all over / bronze on brown / bronze on black;

  • blue on white;

  • dusky pink on white.


We have examples of all of the above on display in our Studio.

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