Choose a ceramic item:
Paint it with our Glazes

Receipt / Collection Card
This card is your receipt for each painted item, proof that the items recorded on the card belong to you...
Please bring it with you when you come back to collect your painted pottery one week later.
We cannot give out painted pottery without this, please kee it somewhere safe.
It is also a Loyalty Scheme:you will receive a £5 discount off the price of your 5th item.

Or... Cover it with Foam Clay

when can I come to the Studio  you choose a convenient time during our opening hours Tues-Sat 10am-5pm and reserve a seat/table over the phone or by email;

cost?  depends which item you choose to decorate: ranging from coasters to clocks, each item is individually priced from £6.95-£29.99; the All-Inclusive cost includes: the ceramic item, glazes/foam clay or decopatch depending on your preferred method of decoration, firing (if you have painted your item) and help with decorating tools & techniques as required;

how long does it take?  length of time spent painting/decorating items depends on the age and attention span of the individual artist; a Studio Fee of £5 per person per hour applies if your project takes more than 2 hours, this includes return visits to continue painting the same item.

when can I take it home? glazed items will be ready for collection the same day the following week, the firing process takes several days, please bring your Collection Card/Receipt.  Items decorated with Decopatch of FoamClay can be taken home the same day.  We quality check every item when it comes out of the kiln before we pack it ready for you to collect.  You are very welcome to unpack your items in the Studio before taking them home.  Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your items once they have been taken from the Studio.

what age is it suitable forall ages welcome: we can put babies handprints and footprints onto the majority of our ceramic items; babies, toddlers & children should be accompanied by a responsible adult (click here for our weekly toddler activity Story Ceramics); teenagers and adults of all ages very welcome!