Party Tea

Hands-on Art Party Food

Available only as part of a pre-booked  Party Package 

in partnership with local businesses

The Party Tea takes place at the same party activity tables, we do not have a separate party room:
we will clear, clean and re-set the tables whilst the children are washing their hands and removing their aprons.
There will be the same number of seats available as for the activity.  We cannot provide seats or space for additional guests during this time.

Party Food Options:
1. "Pizza & Popcorn": We will place a pizza order for you with our neighbours Punto Italian Restaurant and provide additional popcorn snacks; 
2. Picnic Boxes: We will place a picnic box order for your party with Nibbles Coffee Shop & Caterers in Datchet: each guest will receive a picnic box with identical contents, please notify us of any allergies/dietary requirements when placing your order; menu below.
3. self-catering is not an option: please do not bring any food to an activity-only party; please do not bring any additional food if you have booked an activity + party tea package, other than the all-important Birthday Cake of course!

Picnic Box


Every guest will receive an identical picnic box - unless we are advised of specific allergies/dietary requirements for individual children in advance.

Choose: 3 sandwich fillings, 2 savoury snacks, 1 sweet

Sandwich fillings: (choose 3)



egg or tuna mayonnaise

(V) cheese

(V) jam

(V) peanut butter (contains nuts)

(V) chocolate spread (contains nuts)


Savoury Snacks: (choose 2)

mini sausages (V available)

sausage rolls (V available)

chicken goujons

(V) cucumber, carrot sticks & cherry tomatoes with hummus

(V) mini pizzas (cheese & tomato topping)


hula hoops included


Sweets: (choose 1)

(V) seasonal fresh fruit pots

(V) jelly pots



Squash (unlimited)

Min party size 8.

Full payment required on booking (non-refundable).

or Punto Pizza & Popcorn


The Party Tea lasts for up to half an hour and is subject to our
*terms & conditions

The Party Tea takes place at the party activity tables - we will clear, clean and re-set the tables whilst the children are washing their hands and removing their aprons.

 We provide:

Party Tea tableware: tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins, unlimited squash;

Cake knife & matches are provided by us... please do not bring these hazardous items into the Studio. 

No sparkler candles or cake smash designs please.

Ceiling decorations and window decorations: Happy Birthday party banners, bunting and your child's name in the window;

Please note that you will be responsible for supervision of your party group during this time.

Janet Craig,
6 Oct 2016, 02:28