Decopatch party

These parties are recommended for children aged 7+

Decopatch is a marvellously simple decorating technique...
It's as easy as 1...2...3...

1. pre-order the initials of your guests;

2. choose your favourite patterns from our wide selection of papers (3 patterns works best);

3. glue the paper to your item!

The glue has a varnish in it to give your work a glossy finish.

It is air-drying, so you can take your work home the same day (this is your Party Bag item!)

So, what are you waiting for, come on over and get stuck in....

Group size*: minimum 5, maximum 20 (seated guests). Max 2 additional accompanying non-seated adults: party organiser +1, required to supervise. Please see below for further details *

Party length: 2 hours: the activity lasts up to 1.5 hours; a member of staff will meet & greet the party guests, help them with aprons, introduce the activity & technique, encourage them with help and ideas throughout the activity.

Party Tea:
lasts up to half an hour... while the children are washing their hands & removing aprons, we will clear and re-set the activity tables for your party tea. 
We provide: party tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups, cutlery; unlimited low-sugar squash; ceiling and window decorations.
Party Food options: pizza & popcorn OR individual picnic boxes... for the picnic box menu please click on the link: Party Tea
You are very welcome to bring a Birthday Cake - we provide a knife for cutting the cake and matches for the candles (NO sparklers please) please don't bring these hazardous items with you to the Studio.

Cost £25pp includes: Activity + Party Tea + tableware & decorations

Gift from Us: for the birthday child if there are 10 or more guests: commemorative party plate, can be purchased @£14 if the party group is less than 10.

* applies to the children/guests taking part in the booked activity.  A maximum of the party organiser + 1 other adult helper must attend to supervise the party guests, in addition to our staff member.  For Health & Safety reasons, all guests - whether or not they are taking part in the party activity - must be seated.  There is a cost of £6 per person/seat for non-participating guests - unless they would like to choose an item from the shelf to decorate themselves, in which case they just pay for the item they paint.