Clay Parties

Hands-on Art is in the same category as restaurants and so the same guidance applies: when meeting up with people you do not live with, indoors, you should only meet with one other household, to a maximum of 6 people. 
So, our maximum group size for parties, at the moment, is a very cosy 6 - from up to 2 households or; for a children's party, 6 individual children if they are in the same classroom bubble at school... regrettably only the parents of the birthday child can attend the party.

Recommended for 9th birthdays upwards
Activity length: see below

Clay build activity:

Group size*: min group size 5, max group size 6 activity guests at the moent due to the current Social Distancing rules. Max 2 additional accompanying non-seated adults: party organiser +1, required to supervise. Please see below for further details *

Party length: 2hrs: 1.5hr activity + half hour Party Tea (click link for details).
The children will be guided through your chosen technique and model - each guest will make the same model: the building activity lasts approximately one hour, painting their creations with our glazes approximately half an hour.
The children's clay work will take one week to dry before it can be dipped in clear glaze and fired, so it will be ready for collection two weeks after the party. 
We quality check every item when it comes out of the kiln, before we pack it ready for you to collect.  You are very welcome to unpack your items in the Studio before taking them home.  Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your items once they have been taken from the Studio.

Cost: £26pp (includes Activity + Party Tea + tableware & decorations)

Please see photos below for more clay build projects.

Potter's Wheel experience:
NOT AVAILABLE at the moment unfortunately as this is one-to-one tuition, face to face, less than 1m apart across the wheel.

Group size*: min group size 4, max group size 6 (activity guests). Max 2 additional accompanying non-seated adults: party organiser +1, required to supervise. Please see below for further details *

Activity length: @15mins per person, 4 guests = up to 1 hour, 6 guests = up to 1.5hrs + half hour Party Tea (click link for details).
The children will experience one-to-one tuition on the potter's wheel, one at a time.  We highly recommend that guests are involved in an additional activity whilst waiting their turn, eg. pottery painting or foam clay, please note: this will incur an additional cost.
Air-drying clay will be used which means they will take their pots home the same day - once the clay has dried naturally it can be decorated with acrylic paints.

Cost: £22pp (includes  Potter's Wheel Activity, Party Tea, tableware & decorations) + the cost of the additional activity for guests waiting their turn on the potter's wheel.

Party Tea:
lasts up to half an hour... while the children are washing their hands & removing aprons, we will clear and re-set the activity tables for your party tea. 
We provide: party tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups, cutlery; unlimited low-sugar squash; ceiling and window decorations.
Party Food options: pizza & popcorn OR individual picnic boxes... for the picnic box menu please click on the link: Party Tea
You are very welcome to bring a Birthday Cake - we provide a knife for cutting the cake and matches for the candles (NO sparklers please) please don't bring these hazardous items with you to the Studio.

Gift from Us
for the birthday child if there are 10 or more guests: commemorative party plate, can be purchased @£14 if the party group is less than 10.

* applies to the children/guests taking part in the booked activity.  A maximum of the party organiser + 1 other adult helper must attend to supervise the party guests, in addition to our staff member.  For Health & Safety reasons, all guests - whether or not they are taking part in the party activity - must be seated.  There is a cost of £6 per person/seat for non-participating guests - unless they would like to choose an item from the shelf to decorate themselves, in which case they just pay for the item they paint.

clay build project: character slab pots or cut-out tealight holders

clay build project: coil pots

clay build project: mosaic effect tiles using stencils

clay build project: embossed texture surface layered flowers

clay build project: sculpture
please note: each guest will make the same character