Canvas Painting Parties

Hands-on Art is in the same category as restaurants and so the same guidance applies: when meeting up with people you do not live with, indoors, you should only meet with one other household, to a maximum of 6 people. 
So, our maximum group size for parties, at the moment, is a very cosy 6 - from up to 2 households or; for a children's party, 6 individual children if they are in the same classroom bubble at school... regrettably only the parents of the birthday child can attend the party.
Options for larger party numbers: zoom party numbers can be as big as you like or, you could host a party in your garden.

These parties are recommended for children age 8+ (min age Year 4 at school)

Canvas Painting is becoming very popular as a party activity. 

This is a tutor-led activity where the children all start with the same design but, as they are guided through the creative process they will diverge more and more in their colour choices, patterns and application of the paint, thus everyone takes home a unique image (no need for a party bag!)

Group size*: min group size 5, max group size 6 activity guests - at the moment due to the current Social Distancing guidelines. Max 2 additional accompanying non-seated adults: party organiser +1, required to supervise. Please see below for further details *

Party length: 2 hours: activity up to 1.5 hours personalised tuition PLUS a half-hour Party Tea afterwards.

Cost: £25pp (includes Activity: tuition & materials + Party Tea + tableware & decorations)

Please see photos below for available themes, click on the photo for a closer look at the variety of background patterns and textures.

Party Tea:
lasts up to half an hour... while the children are washing their hands & removing aprons, we will clear and re-set the activity tables for your party tea. 
We provide: party tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups, cutlery; unlimited low-sugar squash; ceiling and window decorations.
Party Food options: pizza & popcorn OR individual picnic boxes... for the picnic box menu please click on the link: Party Tea

Gift from Us
for the birthday child if there are 10 or more guests: commemorative party plate, painted by a member of the Hands-on Art team, can be purchased @£14 if the party group is less than 10.

* applies to the children/guests taking part in the booked activity.  A maximum of the party organiser + 1 other adult helper must attend to supervise the party guests, in addition to our staff member.  For Health & Safety reasons, all guests - whether or not they are taking part in the party activity - must be seated.  There is a cost of £6 per person/seat for non-participating guests - unless they would like to choose an item from the shelf to decorate themselves, in which case they just pay for the item they paint. Not applicable to 3rd & 4th birthday parties where we accept that young children require a parent to stay and assist them.

For even more choices check out our Canvas Painting Workshop page: click   here