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Craft Kits

Saturday Collection: Please place your orders by 5pm Thursday

Thursday Collection: Please place your orders by 5pm Saturday

🎁  Gift Vouchers  can be used to purchase Crafternoon Kits, just drop us an email:

All our Craft Kits are in the photos below, click each photo for a closer look...

Extra paints also available:

Please note: if you decorate ceramics with acrylic paint we cannot fire your item, acrylic paints are great for decorating ornaments but they are not foodsafe, so you wouldn't be able to eat from a plate, or drink from a cup, decorated with acrylic paints.  But it does mean you don't have to bring them back!.... and you can add glitter, sequins, gems & googly eyes on top of acrylic paint. 🙂
We do not recommend using poster paint on ceramics because it dries to a powder and gradually wears off - but it's great for painting cardboard projects, wooden objects and paper. 🙂

Extra Painting equipment available here:

HoA TV Storytime painting packs available  here 

Order your Craft Kits here: