Creative Pre-School Kids

As soon as they can hold a pencil, brush, pen, even a stick to draw in the mud... children can create wonderful art work...

For young children, it is all 
about the experience, the creative journey through colour, texture, blend, shape & space... not the end product.

The sooner a child has the freedom to explore the world around them through art, the more confidence they will gain in using this medium to access the rest of the curriculum when they start school.

Enable your child to develop their fine-motor skills, vocabulary, sharing & team-building skills when they join in our pre-school activities.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Story Ceramics

Age: old enough to listen to a story and enjoy painting with you
Max 8 children per workshop
£8 per child pay-as-you-go; discounted to £6 per workshop if you pre-book a set of 5 or 6 workshops in a row.

Weekly during term-time::
Tuesdays 10am & 1pm
Fridays 10am & 1.30pm

Tues & Fri 10am only
see our Calendar or Facebook page for planned dates and Stories

10am activity length approximately 45minutes

A different story each week!

Settle in with a cup of coffee or tea (we have a wide variety available including de-caff) while the children share a story on the picnic rug...  After we have read the story, met the characters, shared the adventures and even added our own!... the children will re-join you to paint a pottery piece related to the story... take a look at the examples below to see what you might paint...

At approx. 10:30 the children will be encouraged to wash their hands (climbing the "magic steps" carefully) before having juice and a biscuit to round the morning off.

These activities will introduce the children to the different tools, equipment and techniques that can be used to decorate our pottery (at a reduced price) then, if you choose to come back another time to make gifts or just for fun they will know what to do.

Please let me know which date you would like to attend with your littlie so I can book you in.

Glazing & firing included.

A memorable keepsake, unique to your child's creativity and imagination (and the story), every session.

For Story dates: see our Calendar or Facebook page 

Nicole, Old Windsor Mum: "this is the only toddler activity club I've found that I have kept all my little girls' work from".

Sensory Art
Age: 18months - 3yrs
Max 7 children per workshop
£8 per child payable in advance


Currently available for pre-booked groups on Wednesdays at 10am.  Please see below for booking info.

Activity info:

The actual activity will be half an hour. During the activity the children are given the space and freedom to experience the tactile qualities of paint. They will be shown some fun things they can do with paint using a variety of tools including their own hands and feet!

Paper is laid out on the floor and poster paint is placed into shallow trays. The children will be encouraged to used tools to stamp shapes and pictures, print patterns, sponge through stencils.  Different tools will be introduced at ten minute intervals following a song or rhyme.

This activity is all about the experience of creating rather than the end result - but you are very welcome to take a section of the artwork home at the end of the workshop!

Because we want the children to have the freedom to squish and smoosh the paint, mess is inevitable - which is why we ask that clothes be worn by both child and parent/child minder that you don't mind getting paint on.... this is poster paint and can stain fabric.

Soapy water and towels will be provided at 10:30am for each parent to help their child clean themselves up.  Please take extra care at this time as soapy water on the floor is a slipping hazard.

If you would like to take a section of the art work paper home with you at 10:45, you are most welcome.

The workshop starts at 10am when the Studio opens.  Please keep in mind that the tools and equipment provided do cost money and are for repeat use so please don't let your children pull them apart, we want to keep them nice for future children to enjoy.

Please contact Janet at Hands-on Art t. 01753 206 265 or e. or via our Facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing you and your littlie!

Sarah, Windsor Mum: "such fun, my little boy didn't want to stop... but I'm SO glad this wasn't at home!!

Pre-School Pottery Painting

Come and explore the different decorating techniques on offer with your little one! stencils, stamps, sponges, stickers, handprints, fingerprints....

You decide whether the piece will be a keepsake or a gift and then I will do my best to guide you through the decoration process.

(*actual activity length depends on the individual child: recommended age 18 months to pre school.) 

Claire, Datchet Mum: "I had no idea my two would be able to produce something so lovely, I don't want to give their plates away now".