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or " Click & Collect " pottery painting or craft projects to make at home/in the garden
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and, Exciting News: we now offer a  Click&Collect  take-away service of pottery painting items and craft kits related to the stories, Hurray! From £2.50 while stocks last... 

"The Great Easter Egg Scramble":
"Hoppity Skip Little Chick":
"WoW said the Owl":
"Do You Believe in Groovicorns?!":
"The Teddy Bears Picnic":
"Barry the Fish with Fingers":
"The Crunching Munching Caterpillar":
"What the Ladybird Heard":
"The Perfect Job for an Elephant":
"Daddy is My Hero":
"Stop Monkeying Around!":
"Don't be so nosy Posy":

Pack includes:
  • 3 pieces of A3 paper
  • fluffy brush for applying paint to hands 
  • waxed paper palette to tip paints out onto (as seen in the videos)
  • set of 6 poster paints: choose your colours to match the story...
    Choose from: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black or white; list them in the box below; you can request all one colour if necessary!

 Click&Collect  Pottery Painting ideas based on our stories:
Go to our  Click&Collect  page for teddy bears, owls, unicorns, bunny rabbits, fish, butterflies and so many more characters....

"What the Ladybird Heard"

"Dear Zoo"

We have "Crafternoon" take-home kits linked to the stories too, click on the photo for full details...
Craft Kits

fabric painting
foam clay
sewing cushions
sand art
tissue art
fairy/butterfly wings