Glaze Painting Kit

6 Glaze paint colours are included with your item, please list them with your item choice

PLEASE do not add anything else to the surface of your pottery item - if a different type of paint eg. acrylic, oils or watercolour paints; or felt tips pens, crayons or glitter or glue etc. are applied to the surface of your pottery we cannot fire it for you ☹️

Keeping You Safe:
The glaze paint set is yours to keep.
Only painted pottery should be returned to the Studio, on a Saturday, for firing: Glaze Paints make the surface of the pottery shiny, waterproof and foodsafe when fired in our kiln (pottery oven), the temperature has to reach 1000 degrees Celsius, which is why you can't use your oven at home.
We will wait 72 hours before preparing your pottery for firing, which means it will be ready for collection 2 weeks after you return it to the Studio, instead of the previous 1 week.
Please return your painted pottery in the same labelled bag, not only does this help the environment but it helps us to make sure all the pottery goes back to the right person after firing.  We will pop your pottery back in the same bag for you to collect.

6 colours are included with your item

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Please note: if you decorate ceramics with acrylic paint we cannot fire your item, these paints are great for decorating ornaments but not foodsafe so you wouldn't be able to eat from a plate or drink from a cup decorated with these paints.  But it does mean you don't have to bring them back!  It also means you can add glitter, sequins, googly eyes on top of acrylic paint... 🙂

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