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Saturday Collection: Please place your orders by 5pm Thursday

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Please Note: your items must be returned to Hands-on Art the following week to be fired in our kiln, otherwise the glaze paint will just brush off...  firing will make them shiny, foodsafe and watertight, ready for everyday use.

Ceramic Item
+ your choice of 6 glaze colours*: Please write these into the box under your item choice before you click Add to Cart
+ clear glaze application on return
+ firing (this makes pottery watertight & foodsafe, ready for everyday use - your design can never wash off)
+ environmentally friendly packaging to transport your items to and from the Studio

*we provide enough glaze colour to cover your item however, if you would like to paint an entire base coat, or large areas with a base colour first - you will need to purchase additional pots of these colours.

While Stocks Last...!...
small Animal Figures
approx. 7cm high

medium Animal Figures
approx. 9cm high

Zoo Animal Figures
approx. 12cm high


Words to cherish


Grow Your Own...
The welly boot is a moneybank not a flower pot, unfortunately, but I couldn't resist including it in this theme.





small Moneybanks
approx. 12cm high

large Moneybanks
approx. 14-16cm high/wide

shaped Trinket Boxes

round & heart Trinket Boxes

Gift Ideas for Daddies & Grandads
some items are listed for purchase in other sections on this page