Baby Keepsakes at Hands-on Art

The ultimate personalised present for friends & family - especially those all-important grandparents!

Design & create artwork gifts unique to you and your child.

Bring your little person for a shared pottery painting experience.    

Refreshments available.

 GIFT VOUCHERS  available, please click here.

Christmas Baubles unique to your baby- priceless!
Calling all Mums with Babies & Toddlers... pop your baby's hand/footprint onto a bauble, then turn them into your choice of Rudolph, Santa, mistletoes, Christmas tree, penguin, robin, soldiers, Christmouse etc. or leave them just as they are :)
Please telephone to book if you would like help with the hand/footprints: 01753 206 265

Loyalty Discount

You will receive a Loyalty Card with your first purchase.  This discount applies to pottery painting items only.

Outprint Casts
plain white, bronze or silver  
framed £68 or unframed £58
click on the photo to see full details
Outprint Casts
Silver Keepsakes:
necklaces, charms, cufflinks...
please click on the photo for full details

New Arrival, Christening, First Birthday plates
to be signed by all the guests with their best wishes for your baby's future.
plate size: £40cm across
from £60
also available for Weddings, Retirements...
(click on image below to enlarge)

life casts